[Game Update] - 296676

Release Date: 11/27/2018

Update Information:


Hi everyone! We want to thank you all for all of your continued feedback and bug reports. We’re still busy here squashing bugs (Hamlet has a lot of insects afterall) and summoning up the Aporkalypse. We still have some balance changes and a bit more new content we want to get together before we feel the game is ready to leave Early Access. To that end, we feel that Dec 6th will be too soon for us to have had a good chance to tune the performance and make sure everything is in and ready for launch. The Aporkalypse will still be arriving on Dec. 6th, but we have some things we want to get done before we’re ready to leave Early Access.

If you are waiting for launch to play to have the most stable experience, we thank you for your patience and ask for a little bit more. We will make another announcement when we have a more final launch date. 

Balance Changes

  • Stolen items don’t get replaced. 

Bug Fixes

  • Bandit camp drops a peagawk feather, not bone shards now
  • Mole hat works better indoors during the day
  • Nettle plant should naturally bloom more consistently during the humid season
  • Fixed a possible avenue that the roc can fail to grab the player, leaving them cowering.
  • Fixed the disappearing shopkeeper desks.
  • Fixed the problem of Ro-bin eggs incubating inside containers and on shelves.
  • Fix for potential crash when entering the player’s own house
  • Exiting a burning house should not send the player off to the middle of nowhere anymore
  • Fixed the memory leak with the sprinkler

Cause we could and it was asked for a long time.

  • You can craft beard hair rug from beard hair and grass. (You know, in case you like pixel art and need black lines.)

Change List:


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