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[Game Update] - 458986

Release Date: 04/06/21

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Here a couple of fixes. We're going to hotfix all of the recent experimental fixes over to release tomorrow. 

OSX build coming next week! (probably)


  • Typo fixes
  • Gamepad: Fix incorrect layout for convo option when entering Boss Rush Daily Challenge.  The 'scroll_override' being applied in ConversationScreen:OnGainTop was being applied even though new elements were added since OnLoseTop was called, causing the saved scroll point to be invalid.  LayoutBubbles itself should not scroll-to-end, only relevant functions which call it LayoutBubbles.
  • added blast anim for Smith
  • Fix for re-using a map plax slot that has been taken by another location since a location was last shown.
  • When upgrading items, the upgraded card should show the same charges as the base card.


  • Rare Imports: fix 'mugged_yet' quest parameter not being saved in the right place, allowing the confront to repeat upon saving and returning.
  • Distresser is now a Sal-only graft.


  • Fix text on Regimented.
  • Fix Shredded not diminishing bleed damage if discarded by an effect.

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