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[Game Update] - 454890

Release Date: 03/08/21

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Here are today's fixes, gathered from reports from the weekend. We're looking to lock down the build this Thursday, so hopefully this list will be a bit smaller each day this week. We'll probably hotfix most of this into release shortly after that, just to get more play-hours on it before launch.


  • Allow you to preview voices in the compendium using a controller
  • Give moreef a sad bonus string in smith's brawl
  • Unlock the neural_braid in the compendium when you get the upgraded version in event_merchant_startup
  • Buttons with no right-click functionality shouldn't make sounds when you right click them
  • Fix string in the compendium when you have beaten a boss as max prestige
  • Hook up happy_call_pet quips
  • Fix damage arrow previews from being rendered beneath core arguments.
  • Selecting combat/negotiation using gamepad will first invoke the preview panel, and only then engage. ¬†This prevents the preview panel from automatically showing up and obscuring dialog.
  • Show cosmic grafts in the compendium
  • Adjusted the fighter formation in mutant_vix.lua to prevent overlapping


  • Muliffee has a better range of opinion events in her final quest
  • Oolo and foolo hate you for killing their sibling
  • Mullifee and theroux will help you against vix if they are at least neutral towards you.
  • Mark the oshnu as wanted_alive in sidejobs/SMITH/side_smith_three_is_a_party
  • Fix followup quest crash if target is dead in side_smith_sponsorship_deal.lua
  • The "terror" perk now applies 5 flat morale damage rather than a percentage
  • Added an IsActive check in disruptor_field to prevent an infinite loop if the automech dies while the buff is active
  • Added a nil-check in the "Smashing" daily feat¬†


  • Klipper no longer shows a condition icon
  • Clarified desc of Double Down
  • Weezil's Conditioning now uses its own stacks to show how much more power can be removed
  • Fixed bug where Vix's Prickly applied a non-int amount of composure
  • Fixed bug where declining boss grafts didn't grant the correct amount of shills
  • Fixed bug where brain_harp was reducing, not increasing, overflow damage

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