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[Game Update] - 453567

Release Date: 02/26/21

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

There's a whole bunch of new music tracks in the game today - see if you can find them all!


  • If you kill Tazz in battle, he should show up as Dead in your relationships tab.
  • Tazz and Felek are eachother's best friends. ¬†Aww.
  • Set up Vixmali's new attacks and a basic combat behaviour (NOT FINAL)
  • Amount for boon-gifting is affected by Prestige.
  • Deep Undercover: Fix cast name in location name.


  • Hook up per-character music for all handlers. Seriously, it's a lot of new music.
  • audio: story music fix for deckviews
  • The Grout Monster now shows up in the compendium like all other bosses


  • Added a reason string in the CanPlayCard for Fortitude
  • Fixed bug caused by bottle_shot

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