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[Game Update] - 453403

Release Date: 02/25/21

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Fixes! Get your Fixes here! Set right up!


  • Reduced the renown cap of Dominion by 1
  • Deceive now has a priority of PRESETTOR
  • Fixed bug caused by an interaction between kindling and sapping bile
  • Fixed bug where the first aid boon was triggered by debuffs decaying
  • fixed a doubled up flavor on a rook negotiation card and condition builder update
  • Fixed the event priority on Dogged
  • Greedy can now only be targeted by cards, similar to Levy
  • Increased damage of Dogged, it now costs 1 less when prepared instead of costing 0
  • Midbrain Padding now triggers before Jarackle Janglers


  • lowered hp of Vix's heshbladders
  • Fixed bug where the looping fx from toxic_buildup stuck around after the condition was removed
  • Added a basic combat behaviour for the deltrean dignitary
  • hook up normal vix fight in experiment, and vix's normal boss intro
  • The combat backup in smith_tei_buyer_beware.lua is now an autodog on day 1
  • Fixed bug where the Handy perk would restore charges to items when they were dealt at the start of battle/negotiation
  • keep new_supplier out of the fight to free old_supplier in side_smith_seemli_new_deal.lua
  • Added missing titles to Shredmaw, Droad.
  • Suppress intimidated greeting quip after robbing prototype.
  • absolute_focus no longer counts as completed unless you win the challenge
  • Fixed crash caused by mutant vix's acid attack


  • Fix some subtle cases where right-clicking will invoke card popup info undesirably.
  •  . Suppress it whenever targetting or dragging a card.
  •  . You must click down AND release on the card to show its info popup.
  •  . Clear alt_hover flag when a card loses hover.
  •  . Cancel current chosen card on control up instead of down.
  • Put the 'click to continue' overlay above the in hand cards, to prevent interaction with them.  This puts dealt cards above as well, which seems ok.
  • Added custom titles for Bordenkra and Theroux
  • Remove red highlighting on re-usable Attack! convo option text.

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