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[Game Update] - 453031

Release Date: 02/23/21

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

There's some new music today! Try to convince someone to do something as Sal when it's dark out. There are also a couple new grafts, a gross animation for Vixmalli, and some fixes/balancings. 


  • Trade Secrets: Reduce kickback to make it a more comparable option to the others.
  • Admiralty Extortion: cast citizenry only
  • Fixed bug where Mutant Vix fled instead of surrendering
  • The monsters spawned by Mutant Vix now flee if he surrenders/dies


  • Added three new rare grafts for Smith 
  • Slight nerf to Boosted Dynamo
  • Fixed typo in the description of Temper
  • Fixed missing upgrade highlight for haymaker
  • Increased the cost of Shrewd by 1 and gave it Burnout
  • Brain Harp now increases overflow damage by 2 instead of doubling it


  • play kashio's intro music when you see her in the bar for the first time
  • hookup night negotiation music for sal
  • hook up vix transform animation


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