[Game Update] - 438130

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Hey Grifters,

We're locking in the last of the changes for the big Smith launch on Thursday! Just a couple more sounds and bg colours to go (and any fixes between now and then).

Thanks to everyone who's been submitting feedback - it all really helps us make the game better!



  • Fixed targeting on subtle setup
  • Fixed bug where even_footing would sometimes target invalid arguments
  • Fixed incorrect desc on the "Deliver Summons" card
  • Even Footing no longer includes core arguments
  • Added an additional attack for Oshnus that applies Glued
  • Fixed bug where Traumatized could be exploited to double the damage of multiple allied attacks 
  • Increased damage of Razorglass by 1 and added an upgrade.
  • Add Composure keyword to Save Face
  • Added nil-check to predictive_blast for targets with no prepared cards 
  • Boosted Shrewd is now playable even with no recoverable health.
  • Vanish will always remove a stack from itself when triggering, instead of potentiall from other Vanish arguments.
  • Negotiator:DestroyModifier now only calls OnBounty if the modifier has >0 stacks


  • Increase the countdown slightly for the lonely oshnu event.
  • Add stack support to the Throng boon.
  • Improve the dialog flow in event_break_it_down.lua
  • make the battlefield aftermath a sal-specific event 
  • shut down assassin inquiry with the admiralty if you've already dealt with them
  • crash fix for old saves lacking a bouncer in the moreef bar
  • Fixed incorrect shill amount in side_secret_shopper.lua
  • Fixed bug where the event_dodgy_scavenger.lua could select perks and boons/banes to sell you
  • event_dodgy_scavenger.lua also filters out brawl grafts 
  • Releasing the racing oshnu at the Oshnudrome is now a hub option instead of a confront.
  • oppo_comedy_club.lua can no longer spawn if you are currently at the Moreef's bar. This prevents automatically triggering the oppo immediately
  • Fix not receiving an Injury card while hauling a mech, despite the option saying so.


  • refresh plax sounds when plax_changed event fires
  • Fix missing smith quest icons
  • Add missing argument icons for custom lonely snail.
  • fix some agent titles
  • Remove Gaft from the random names list.

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