[Game Update] - 433612

Release Date: 10/02/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

We have some new NPC stuff, and a new boss fight experiment to try out! See if you can defeat... the twins!


  • Added death loot for the Oshnu Wranglers
  • Added and hooked up new boon and bane for the Oshnu Wranglers
  • Added a basic behaviour for the twin bosses
  • Added a new experiment to test the twin bosses (including harvested decks)
  • Added death loot for the poor merchant
  • Set up behaviour for the Oshnu Wranglers
  • Added a new event for Smith
  • Fixed bug where side_smith_great_lumin_heist.lua repeated the follow up step infinitely


  • Fixed incorrect adrenaline gain on lean_green_plus
  • GASEOUS_HERD now shows the tooltip for INFLATED as well
  • POWER_LOSS now triggers a turn later for NPCs so that they get to use the power before it is removed
  • Temporary parasite cards will now hatch. Beware, lest the bog take you!
  • Default parasite hatch functions now pull from ALL defined cards flagged PARASITE.
  • Fixed incorrect target_count on twin_1_punch
  • Fixed bug where destroying multiple auction item arguments in Sal's auction didn't remove/give multiple cards/grafts
  • Tweaked the upgrades for gunlsinger¬†
  • Stonewall: nil-check delta on MODIFIER_CHANGED handler, which can be nil.


  • mods can specify a dependency order by specifying load_before/load_after tables. Thanks RageLeague!
  • Default parasite hatch functions are exposed via Content.HatchNegotiationParasite and Content.HatchBattleParasite.
  • Localize mod_option spinner value klname strings.


  • Making the progress widget on the New Game screen wider, to accommodate other languages


  • Prevent Rook Day 3 Dead Drop crash by validating Flekfis' core argument before trying to add weaknesses.
  • Prevent out-of-date save data from crashing when viewing Unknown Concoction
  • Added missing title for Buleet


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