[Game Update] - 428913

Release Date: 08/31/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

There's not much of note to players today - most of what we worked on was either behind the scenes modding stuff or unreleased content for Smith. We'll start public mod testing soon, though.


  • Plax data can be added from a mod.  Textures, currently, must still be loaded from the core game.
  • Attach mod ids to more pieces of content.
  • CombatConditions now have their own CombatConditionDef for consistency.
  • Simplify some crufty code around work positions.  WORK_DATA is no longer Content, the tables exist already in the LocationDef.
  • Start adding a mod_id parameter to Content for differentiating core game from mod content.
  • Decks don't need a name, description or icon.  rook_player_decks.lua is not a thing.
  • Loc export permits exporting the core game, or enabled mods.


  • hook up UI for rook's new bogger outfit
  • Suppress Foolo after being bound and gagged so he doesn't hinder the negotiation.
  • Fix crash unlocking perks with the gamepad.

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