[Game Update] - 427643

Release Date: 08/24/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Just a small update for experimental today, to go along with the hotfix. Keep on griftin'!


  • Fix amount of money being doubled when calculating score.
  • Added the Horned Crayote to the combat parties
  • Fix edge-case crash if a Combat Drone surrenders and is replaced in battle due to Burn killing all allies.
  • When a fighter is replaced in battle, it should Flee so that its fight_status is updated to indicate it is no longer valid.


  • Fixed bug where burst would apply bleed even if evaded
  • Invalidated hits should be removed from the attack entirely, otherwise the hit array doesn't match the number of ON_HIT events. This could result in missing condition applications in presentation if the conditions got associated with the invalidated hit (eg. negative defense)
  • Reduced number of blade flash cards given by Waylay by 1


  • Showing graft stacks on the main overlay. Removing unused InstalledGrafts and InstalledGraft widgets
  • Merging the various tooltips on the Relationship Indicator into a single tooltip with a summary of all the relationship types and counts
  • Connecting Rook's outfit-specific hero animations
  • Fixed bug where the drone_goon's quips weren't localized
  • Making the Accept button on the Pick Grafts screen the correct size.

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