[Game Update] - 424336

Release Date: 08/04/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

We're back! Today's update has our first attempt at a new, harder p0. Give it a quick try if you have a chance, and tell us what you think. It's meant to be a bit harder for new players, since the new perks will help them overcome after a couple of attempts. That's the theory, at least. It's hard to adjust your assumptions as a seasoned player when evaluating such things :)

Next up, perk integration and story mode!


  •     Base damage for NPCs increased from 6 to 7 at P0
  •     Increased max health of non-boss enemies by 10% at P0
  •     DEFAULT_SCALING for enemy attacks in negotiation changed from 1.5 to 1.75 DEFAULT_SCALING
  •     Reduced the delay between Impatience applications from 2 to 1
  •     Reduced scaling of Impatience from 2 to 1
  •     Increased max resolve of NPCs by 15% at P0


  • Removing framing from Feats list on main overlay. Fading out the main overlay top bars when showing a battle/negotiation preview panel, to free up space.
  • Adding icon amount limits to the main overlay icon containers. These limits depend on UI scaling mode and try to prevent the icons from overlapping other things. Also hiding the boons/banes on some UI screens. The relationships widget is also clickable now, instead of just its icons. Made adjustments to several details screens to accommodate the top bar
  • Making the Unlock Sets details/toggle interaction more clear. Left click toggles a set, and right click shows details. On gamepad, A toggles the set, and LT shows details. Also added focus direction overrides so that on the GameOverScreen, one can navigate to the unlock sets with gamepad, which didn't seem to be possible before.
  • Graft draft screen: The confirm button now states "Accept <graft name>" for clarity.


  • Fixed descriptions for Perfect Shape and Terror
  • Increased the composure on Rook's Rationale from 2 to 3
  • Increase damage of quick_fire_plus to 6-6
  • Reduced max xp of Serrated Edge by 2
  • Clarified description of Pressure
  • Wrath of Hesh: Simplify argument text.
  • Cash Out: Try a descriptive variant for clarity.
  • Lumin Kunai: Now inflicts 2 damage for each card played, as per the description.
  • Amnesiator: Should never apply to NPC cards.


  • The day 1 boss is now decided at the end of the do_market_job objective in sal_story_day_1.lua to prevent reloading to get a different boss
  • Fixed a bug where event_fantastic_trainer.lua didn't update the title of your pet after training
  • weapons_supplier no allows you to skip the item  (previously you had to take it but could remove it from the deck screen)
  • event_found_by_lumicyte now checks that you can own a pet
  • Bandit tent encounter: Don't default present player, as the player enters as part of the confront dialog.

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