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[Game Update] - 420877

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Hey Grifters,

We've decided to push off the next main branch update by a week to give us a little more time to polish up the daily runs. The update will be on July 23. The in-game countdown clock has been adjusted accordingly.

Speaking of dailies - there are a couple of new drafting modes that are enabled. On a given day, your starting draft for each deck (if in use) will pull from a pool. This should lead to some craaaaaazy decks on some days! Next week, we are going to take a closer look at scoring, and redesign parts of the hud to emphasize your score as you play. 

Today's daily is a cave run, with a picky battle draft, a havarian mulligan negotiation draft, and the Mental Overload mutator. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!


Daily stuff:

  •     Dailies now have different drafting modes enabled! Picky, Classic, Bundle, Veteran, Havarian Mulligan
  •     Card upgrades in daily are seeded
  •     Combat parties are hand-crafted, and seeded in daily cave
  •     Reworked the initialization of the bonuses in daily_boss_rush.lua to prevent duplicates
  •     Kashio's items are now seeded in daily_boss_rush.lua


  •     Dauntless no longer prevents panic if all allies are panicking
  •     Fix crash in daily when healing dead pet
  •     Assign score cards to CARD_SERIES.DAILY. (fixes them showing up in the campaign)
  •     Don't show score cards in the compendium because they rely on GameState and will crash.

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