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[Game Update] - 420319

Release Date: 07/08/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

  Today brings more polish and variation to the daily runs, and brings the lumicyte as a special guest into the existing stories. Lumicytes are primarly used by the Cult of Hesh, and are more prevalent in Peral-on-Foam, but they do turn up in Murder Bay and Grout Bog from time to time.

Scoring in the dailies isn't quite granular enough for comparison yet, but we have a *whole week* until the actual update to figure that part out :) 


  •     Added new daily quest variants: boss rush, protect friend 
  •     Added special game over screen to daily run, added feats to try to get during runs.
  •     Smith now shows up in daily runs (some days!)
  •     Adjusted difficulty curve of daily quest: Cave
  •     You can buy a lumicyte from Phroluk
  •     Added new lumicyte-themed random events to rook and sal: event_found_by_lumicyte, event_found_a_lumicyte


  •     Fixed bug where viciousness only counted unmitigated damage and not the damage dealt by the attack 
  •     Refashion former pet support arguments into negotiation items.
  •     Made generic trained/untrained pet arguments.
  •     Rabble Rouser is now: Draw an extra card every 2nd turn.
  •     lumicyte has a new natural condition

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