[Game Update] - 417050

Release Date: 06/17/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Here are today's fixes/changes. The Rook brawl is now fully testable, and we're working on ironing out the UI annoyances that have been reported.

First person to post a picture of the new art from the engine crash reporter wins 1000 Griftlands points!


  • Localize the CrashReporter text, add a link to the Klei support pages, and add some new art to hopefully smooth things over. 
  • Clarified description of Lightning Rod
  • Fix speaker during picnic conversation with Kalandra.
  • Fix missing { spark_barons ? conditional when speaking with Kalandra causing the chinese dialog to be incorrect.
  • Clarified description of Deadlines
  • Added pool_cards to the auction's "Bid" card so you can see the options
  • Making Confirm-Selection the default setting in options. Reverting the Confirm-Selection requirement from the Card Shop, Card Draft, Pick Coin, Pick Graft and Pick Legacy screens
  • Adding a tooltip to confirmation buttons explaining they can be disabled in the settings
  • Localize relationship negotiation modifiers.
  • Updated Russian translation disclaimer text.
  • Fix localization of Pinned and High Value Target
  • When hovering through card upgrade options, the hovered card is brought to the front, so it's easier to read
  • Allowing the location info popup to be closed with Escape
  • Added scroll-wheel support to the Relationship Screen
  • Reworked how Evil Eye is handled. This mean it now gets spent by cards like Compliment since they get the damage increase
  • jakes_lottery.lua now only shows up if you can afford to gamble at least 50 shills
  • Fixed bug where cards that weren't unlockable were being shown as locked
  • Fixed description of Toolbox
  • Using Clean Slate or similar cards to remove (instead of destroy) FIGHT_ALLY_SCARE now removes the core arguments shield
  • Hooked up the new condition highlighting to the WANTED_DEAD and WANTED_ALIVE conditions
  • The Mech Survival event no longer occurs in Sal's brawl and is restricted to Rook's brawl
  • Sal no longer faces the automech boss
  • Changed the possible patrons in Rook's brawl to be from the Grout Bog
  • Rook now gets to recover some resources while camping
  • Pengemunt shows up at Rook's camp rather than at the bar
  • Localize instructional draft text when using Veteran, Charisma, or Toolbox mutators.
  • Fixed bug where changes from CALC_TARGET_MOD were not affecting the UI's auto-targeting for things like RANDOM1 and TEAM
  • Added a CanPlayCard to Screamer to ensure you don't play it with a full team
  • Stinging Eyes is now handled with a CALC_TARGET_MOD instead of manually setting target mods for cards
  • Fix possible crash filling out bartender chat options: nil-check 'who'
  • Supress "Not in hand" error messages when you try to play a card and combat is over.
  • Fix potential crash with attacking someone who has left the battlefield (specifically, if a Clerk Surrenders and is replaced by a Reinforcement while processing an AOE)

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