[Game Update] - 416829

Release Date: 06/16/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

We're finding lots of little unlocalized corners of the game, and fixing them one by one. Some day, we will get them all!

We're also focusing on finding all of the crashes in the engine and the game. If there's anyone who has been experiencing intermittent hard crashes while playing on laptops or with older graphics cards, I have some new experimental fixes you can try. Message me below!

Anyway, here's today's list:

  • Make backspace work correctly when inputting Chinese text.
  • Skittish is now also triggered by allies fleeing
  • Clean Slate now also affects bounties.
  • Fixed bug where Two Fisted wasn't correctly registering the bottles added
  • Copy opponent intents array before playing opponent intents. ¬†This fixes a potential crash if an opponent intent caused removal of another intent, such as with the Drunk bounty.
  • Annihilation Cage now clears the sticky flags at the start of the enxt fighters turn to prevent confusion abou the sticky keyword
  • Forced Compression and Call To Rise can no longer affect cards with variable cost
  • Adding Space keybinding to end turn in combat and negotiation.
  • Fixed bug where Kashio's max health changing made it different than her holo clones
  • Localize agent name on the character progress tooltip in the New Game screen.
  • Reworked the handling of Burnout cards
  • Fixed crash caused by efficient_disposal_plus
  • Adding a confirmation stage to the Card Shop, Card Draft, Pick Coin, Pick Graft and Pick Legacy screens. For mouse mode
  • Adding a confirmation popup when leaving loot behind
  • Prevent crashing if img= text formatting is incorrect.
  • Fix img= format text for a few french UI strings.
  • Fix potential crash when replacing graft if offered a graft you already have.
  • The dodgy scavenger can now offer you replacement grafts.
  • Preventing the Enemy Reserves from getting hidden by the quests in combat. Hiding the quests button tooltip when the quests list is open.
  • Localize Whispered Rumors argument text.
  • Fix tutorial text not pulling the first character following the ** when being parsed.
  • Add new-line to TextNode missing image warning.
  • Fix potential GetAudioDevices crash if queryDriverInfo fails for a given index.
  • Localize objective text for Visit the Hesh Outpost.
  • Fix unlocalized portion of Hilt Bash card text.
  • Fix crash when destroying core argument with AOE at the end of side_termination_of_command.lua
  • Preventing the Outfits button from being locked when only one outfit is unlocked
  • Locked cards are no longer clickable
  • Localize Bargaining and Bad Credit graft names when showing up as a payment modifier.
  • Localize raider's Raid attack: X shills stolen!
  • Suppress secondary target validation for AOEs -- those should never retarget!
  • Fixed bug where Rentorian Battle Armor kept applying power every turn
  • Fixed bug where Spear Head wasn't removed at the end of your turn
  • Fixed bug where Spear Head affected counter attacks¬†
  • Spear Head now increases in duration per stack
  • New chinese translation updates

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