[Game Update] - 411988

Release Date: 05/21/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

There's a new prestige level today, and fixes/balance/QOL stuff. Enjoy!

  • Add profile-level destreaking and novelty picking to boss picks in the story. You will see all new bosses in a given part of the game until you can't, and then you'll only see the same boss at most 2 times in a row. If you want the abuse the meta on that, be my guest :)
  • You can select an audio output device in the options menu. The game will try to use that device again the next time you play.
  • Counter is no longer affected by damage modifiers like Power, Cripple, etc.
  • Use different phrasing to describe patrol leader role, since it is not quite the bottom of the admiralty hierarchy.
  • Update card text on Focused Assault for consistency.
  • New Prestige 4: No longer restore resolve after combat. Old level 4 is now level 6.
  • fixed typo in bash_plus2i
  • Added a CanPlayCard to Charged Barrage that was previously missing
  • Fix a bug where Feedback Loop, Wounding Barb, First Blood were applying debuffs to all attacks for multi-attack cards.
  • Corrected descriptions of bully_plus2c and bully_plus2d
  • Portable Bunker: Show correct Defend value if modifiers apply.
  • Reworked Cranial Patch
  • Buffed the chained version of Hammer Swing (base card is unchanged)
  • Making Molehills: The mole no longer dislikes you if you convince them to inform.
  • Apply boss difficulty modifier to initial Unstable Drone stacks, not just the drones summoned later on.  It is also no longer random.
  • Added wild upgrades for Brag, Bully and Bewilder
  • Added missing Expend flag to Flying Dropkick
  • Added missing target_mod to Hurricane
  • Fixed typo in toughen_up_plus2d

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