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[Game Update] - 410688

Release Date: 05/13/20

Update Information:

Hey grifters,

We added a couple new brawl quests, and fixed a lot smith bugs today. Enjoy!


  • Add sal_brawl_investigate, an alt rules negotiation where you obtain intel arguments for extra quest rewards.
  • Add sal_brawl_mech_survival, a rank 3-5 job where you survive 6 turns against an army of mechs.
  • Fixed bug where reuse with no bottles caused a crash
  • Fixed issue where Traumatized could be removed by non-attack cards against the target
  • Fixed crash caused by Freebie
  • Fix gaining max health as a brawl bonus
  • Fix crashy quest description
  • feint_plus2a now gives 2 counter
  • Reduced healing on Seeker by 1
  • Adjusted damage of the upgrades of hair_trigger to give the same damage potential
  • Showing an animation on the Bottles Indicator when the number changes. Also adding a tooltip to them. Repositioning the cards panel widgets for the various streaming and UI scaling modes.
  • Spin now performs its triggered Gambles after its damage fully resolves to avoid awkward visualization.
  • Vulnerability now applies to a host of damage-dealing effects: Baffled, Bad Deal, Moment of Weakness, Planted Evidence, Irritable, Double Edge, Resilience, Foot Ante, Kicker, Matter of Fact, Head Split, Spin.
  • CollectPrimaryTarget now returns the core argument if a Negotiator was passed in as a target, so that handlers can deal with modifiers only.
  • Fixed bug where muscle_memory_plus2 was improvising from the entire discard pile, instead of from 3 cards
  • Sal's Brawl: fixed bug where the "Draft a battle card" option was letting you draft 3 cards
  • Sal's Brawl: Both negotiation and battle card drafts from Oolo now let you draft 2 cards
  • Collection Day: Add the subject of the betrayal to the rat out option so they don't help you.
  • Don't show a misleading targetting arrow for Enforcement, since it can target multiple enemy arguments any number of times.
  • Fixed where Power Trip wasn't giving the expected amount of Adrenaline
  • Hooked up new Bottle count UI for Smith to show how many bottles are in his draw and discard piles
  • Pivot now grants 2x Defend per adrenaline (upgrade only alleviates 1x)
  • Multi choice buttons in convo and the location screen can be clicked via numeric hotkey.
  • Preparing your prepared card no longer counts as preparing a card (for the purposes of triggering grafts, arguments, etc)
  • Collateralator now also gives bottles Restrained
  • Fixed bug where Collateralator was giving bottles replenish
  • Fixed upgrades for Swig
  • The Spark Baron Automech's Hover Pack condition now displays the current number of attacks as stacks
  • Clarified description of Charged Strikes
  • Fixed bug where killing the Crimson Drusk twice would reward double death loot
  • Heated now has 3 resolve instead of 5.
  • Fixed incorrect min_damage on Rooted Cross
  • Fix lots of typos

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