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[Game Update] - 409828

Release Date: 05/08/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

This update introduces Sal's Brawl Mode! It's a compact way to play, that focuses on quick deck building. This is a very first pass, so there will be balance and stability issues. Give it a try! (you will need to have beaten Kashio at least once to unlock it).

F8 early, F8 often!


  • Added Sal's Brawl mode
  • Visciousness: Clarify it is triggered by attack damage (eg. not efficient disposal or other sources)
  • Changed Hair of the Vroc to give Adrenaline instead of removing a debuff
  • Added the Smith's Arsenal card and added it to Smith's base deck
  • Crusher now displays its modified cost even in the discard pile
  • Fix winning a graft at the auction.
  • Clarify Stun description because it does not stack.
  • Matter of Fact can no longer be played if you have no composure.
  • Intimidation is now a Diminishment opinion event.
  • Dilemma is now 2-6.
  • Usually scrolling the mouse wheel over a scroll panel makes it scroll. Now the Deck Screen, Card Info Popup, Grafts Screen, and Mutators Screen all scroll their contents even if the mouse isn't directly over their respective scroll panels
  • Reduce pay costs slightly.
  • Showing the characters' short names in the New Game Screen's descriptions
  • Backstab now does double damage if it is Improvised.
  • Fixing the Start game option for gamepads. Also removing the old Select-character button, since it's not used anymore
  • Fixed bug where Shell was only giving 1 defend
  • Diversion now increases it's resolve gain with additional stacks
  • Hiding the Preview Upgrade button on the Card info popup, since the card upgrades are already visible in the upgrade info block
  • Changed Sharpen of Vision to use same base description as Sharpen
  • Psimulacrum no longer affects inceptions
  • Fix softlock involving drawing into 2 Raw cards from an empty hand while gambling draw/deck with either Sifting Coin or Chaos Coin. Return all cards to hand in the UI for picking.
  • Fixed the uppercasing of the main characters' names in the New Game Screen. Also fixed the outfits logic to report 0% unlocked if that character is still locked, or if only one (the default) outfit is available
  • Update Evoke text to explain it is once per turn.
  • Crafty+ creates Ploys when it takes damage.
  • Ploy can now trigger Double Edge.
  • Reduce Ploy's resolve scaling.
  • Marked the fight in Asset Recovery as an isolated fight
  • Reworked Rib Cracker
  • Dangerous Bulb preview now disappears after doing damage and comes back at the start of your turn for clarity
  • Set trained_strike_plus2 to have a manual desc
  • Fixed typo in ergo description
  • Updated Defensive Surge to use CountCardsPlayed() instead of manually keeping track of card plays
  • Fixed bug where Knuckle Down wasn't increasing its hit count correctly
  • Fixed bug where Traumatized could be used twice in certain circumstances
  • Eccentricity now rolls costs from a shuffled table to prevent yahtzees and yarboroughs.  On prestige 2, Eccentricity+ can assign costs from 0 - 3.
  • Chemist's character flaw is the the Curiosity bounty.
  • Aleternator: Fix crash if a card was Appropriated or otherwise removed directly.
  • Shred: Fix crash referencing missing bonus.
  • Prevent card upgrades via CardInfoPopup when in battle and negotiation.
  • Remove desaturation rendering when cards are out of charges.
  • Fix crash if Diseased brings a fighter to 0 health. CheckForDeath after DeltaMaxStat in cases it brings health to 0.
  • Adding fancier buttons to the New Game Screen act options

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