[Game Update] - 408393

Release Date: 05/01/20

Update Information:


Hey Grifters,

Mostly smaller fixes today. The update goes live on release next week, so those f8s are more precious than a drusk core now :)

  • Fixed broken convo option in swamp_cache.lua
  • Fixed bug where Wretched Jar wasn't resetting per turn
  • Bulldoze is now: When you destroy an argument, gain an action.
  • Head Shot now uses Evoke.
  • Asset Liberation: indicate opinion consequences when demanding a share. ¬†Demanding a bigger cut is now diminish, instead of outright dislike.
  • Fixed incorrect wording of Hard Facts
  • Fixed incorrect desc for The Spider graft
  • Fixing the spacing on the Card Shop titles so they don't overlap the cards
  • Fixing the layout of the Edit String popup
  • Added the Adrenaline condition
  • Reworked some cards that used temporary power to use Adrenaline instead
  • Rewrote description of Batter Up
  • Added a reason string to the CanPlayCard of Rook's Prominence card
  • Prestige health bonus for regular NPCs now scales with day difficulty instead of being a flat multiplier.
  • Calculating correctly the size of graft tooltips, so that the icon doesn't clip the background
  • Short Fuse is now: When you shuffle, the opponent gains Impatience.
  • Added the Burnout keyword to the Lumin Darts death item
  • Added missing Expend flag to the Lifter Claw
  • Wound and Serrated Edge pass themselves as the source when modifying damage.
  • Fixed desc of combination_plus
  • Added death loot, social boon and social bane to the Fighter Info popup
  • When selecting/inspecting fighters on the Fight Screen with the gamepad, the selected fighter shows highlighted now

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