[Game Update] - 408152

Release Date: 04/30/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

The second new npc type is now active! Look for them in murder bay, or in some special new events!

There's also a fancy new custom speed slider in the options menu, so you can make all of our laboriously hand-crafted animations and presentations run at ludicrous speed. You do you, but know that every time you move that slider to the right, an animator sheds a tear. :)

Added gameplay speed sliders to the settings screen
Added npc type: Jake Lifters
add a new event: event_sal_gets_an_offer_from_a_jake
add a new event: event_rook_does_some_heavy_lifting
Fix problem with scrolling on some laptop trackpads
Duster now discards before attacking, similar to Bedlam
Clarified Overcharge description
Fixed issue where cards that apply defend were calculating their card text with the assumption that you were the target
Fixed bug where bloodbath could cause the enemies hit to freeze shortly
Reworked the Focused Assault upgrades
Fix Wide Remark being Evokeable only once.
Remove the mod xp on Drunken Master.
When a fighter surrenders, they are replaced by any available reserve fighters unless they are the primary
fixed bug where Erchins fleeing could cause issues with other fighters trying to surrender
When a fighter dies, the reserves are immediately activated (but don't prepare an attack)
fixed incorrect cost of Viciousness
Fixed incorrect description on upgraded Switch Blade
Fix potential debug crash resetting NegotiationScreen while resolving a bloom burst.
Fix the prevalence of bogger_clobbers in grout bay patron slots. The weight was 5 instead of .5. I made it .125
Showing the condition stacks on the Fighter Info Popup
Sal day 3: Don't cancel the road side merchants when heading out for the dock.
Planted Summons is now an inception and does not have resolve.
Indicate in a tooltip that 'hang back with security forces' means to fight Kashio.
Fix Zyn's Sharpened Blades boon from applying twice as much as it should for multi-attacks.
Assign more appropriate Beguile upgrade names.
Weighted Coin shows the number of Gambles it has accumulated.
Adding a list of dead agents to the Relationship Screen

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