[Game Update] - 407633

Release Date: 04/28/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Today's biggest changes are to prestige. There are a couple more levels now, and the first one is a doozie. Based on the win/loss rates we're seeing in our metrics, p0 is currently pretty beatable by most players after a couple of attempts (it takes about 6 hours (-ish) per character). We'd like p1 to be a bigger step up in difficulty than it used to be (allies have less health is... not super interesting as the first unlock). 

Anyway, here's the new list:



  • There are now 13 Prestige levels, and some have been reordered
  • Sal only gets starting bonus card picks on the first day for her side jobs (trying to push out "deck completion" a bit for her)
  • Add new hesh zealot events to both stories
  • The card info popup now shows the card's upgrades on the initial screen
  • using Oolo's requisition on the auction actually works now (it gives you a random item)
  • clean up the rules / explanations around drones quitting combat
  • make the target avoid the giver in rise_worker_rally
  • Party members should help you by default in negotiations, and not get overwritten with bystander rules.
  • Minor tweaks to prestige boss damage.
  • be more explicit when we don't let you provoke someone
  • add a "wanted_alive" tag to foolo when you are trying to capture him
  • Redesigned Bluster.
  • Bartender negotiation support now gives 3 Influence instead of 1.
  • Bandit Raiders now steal money with their raid attack.
  • Remove the day scaling from species boons.  Only scales with Prestige.
  • Reworked Ergo to use Improvise for consistency
  • Fixed incorrect cost on Pale Viciousness
  • nil-check charges for Back of the Line, not all items have charges.
  • Fixed inconsistencies between "arguments" and "targets" in negotiation descriptions
  • Fixed inconsistencies between "remove" "destroy" and "dismiss" in negotiation.
  • Fix text bubble position in negotiation
  • chilled out drone idle so it's more easily clickable
  • Fixed Rugged Wiring and Lightning Rod

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