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[Game Update] - 401079

Release Date: 03/24/20

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hey Grifters!

This is a hotfix that addresses some of the issues that have been found on the Experimental branch so far:

  • Competing Bids: Fix stuck state when failing negotiation with the target.  Add missing dialog when being betrayed by the other hunter.
  • Ice Cold: Add contact as a combat target so you can bribe bystanders to help.
  • Fix speaker while asking Nadan questions.
  • Fix typos
  • Fights entered in self-defense no longer give you aggressive cards.
  • Avoid moving dead attendee in 
  • Don't play chargeup sound when showing ChargeCell UI in the fighter popup.
  • Add a feature tooltip for Doubt.
  • Added a slight delay between Arint's taunt and her switching anim mappins so that they line up correctly
  • Removing parasites now uses DeltaMax rather than hand-rolling its clamp logic.  Prevent max health and health from going below 1.
  • Print when cards are upgraded/removed.
  • Activate go_to_hideout before dialog, so that {hiding_spot} gets cast and can be string-substituted.
  • Add support for Encounter:LocFormat to sub for non-Agent cast, like locations.
  • Fix attract state for side_competing_bids.
  • Aggressive battles show the aggressive battle card on the convo option tooltip.
  • Localize all usages of "owner" and "opponent" which occur when displaying a card or modifier without an owner.
  • Notify user when a fight option is aggressive



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