[Game Update] - 398603

Release Date: 03/06/2020

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Here are a couple of fixes that address issues that we've been seeing in the reports. Happy grifting this weekend!

  • Update the checks everywhere we upgarde/add xp to cards to make sure they aren't hatch cards (fixes a bunch of weirdness)
  • Fixed description of Stoic
  • Added death loot for Oolo and Nadan
  • Added Boons for Oolo and Nadan
  • Added a bane for Nadan (Oolo still missing one)
  • Clarify desc on Double Duty.
  • Prevent the end-turn button and concede buttons from overlapping
  • All cards that reference healing now use the heal keyword for consistency
  • Negotiation cards that make arguments now differentiate between Creating and Gaining an argument. Creating makes a new instance and Gaining adds to stacks.
  • Suppressed the Spark Baron when negotiation with the worker in baron_food_fight.lua
  • psimulacrum is awesome with the more powerful arguments (tactical mind, cool head, airtight, etc.) so it should be at least uncommon, maybe even rare?
  • Psimulacrum works with Tactical Mind.
  • Fix possible crash with Inoculated in battle.

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