[Game Update] - 398267

Release Date: 03/05/2020

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Here are a bunch of fixes! Some of these are going to be hotfixed into release as well. 

  • Fix Bounty Hunter tooltip not showing the damage range for the Wanted! modifier correctly. 
  • Prepare no longer triggers parasite cards that indicate 'when drawn' 
  • All Business: Composure is applied to a random argument if the opponent has no core argument.
  • Clarify descriptive text for Enhanced Helmet.
  • Parasite cards are their own type now
  • Spotty now discards itself after being triggered. It has also been moved from Uncommon to Rare.
  • Add self defense flag to fight to keep cores in baron_wild_pack_of_dogs.lua
  • Use a better combat party in the ambush part of rise_ambush_a_baron.lua
  • remove placeholder text in baron_crime_scene
  • Display hovered/focused card in hard over other cards
  • put rise cobblebot combat strength to 2, rather than 1
  • remove some placeholder questions that we didn't end up using in rook_story_bogger_raid.lua
  • add some variant dialog for beating flekfis/arint
  • fixed some casting / textual issues  in baron_crime_scene.lua
  • Updated the meet Sal event to have an additional option.
  • event_rook_meet_sal.lua drafts you 5 random battle and/or negotiation cards if you turn down the money.
  • Use default melee and ranged anims if the fighter doesn't support the requested one (to support Rook being able to play Sal cards)
  • Fix load crash if NO_SOUND is toggled on.
  • Updating morale condition icon to show the right value
  • Changed Crackler from CONSUME to max_charges
  • Insulted argument now uses self.negotiator:GetModifierStacks("insulted") rather than self.stacks
  • Shield Bash (Bogger Clobber) now only triggers while the fighter is active
  • Crackler now properly displays its charges(1) on the card.
  • Fixed bug where two separate Insulted arguments weren't being counted towards one total of stacks
  • Fix crash when Twig is hatched while killing you simultaneously.
  • Fix a possible crash when negotiating for ally help before the Flead Queen.
  • Visual improvements to the health bar, morale, and condition widgets
  • Fixed the description of Scanned to still be correct with multiple stacks

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