[Game Update] - 397494

Release Date: 03/02/2020

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Here's the build candidate for the update. And by build candidate, I mean the build that will totally get a tonne of fixes tomorrow before it actually goes out live :)

  • All of the placeholder text has been replaced!
  • Added new Boons, Banes and Death Loot for Grimdellia
  • Added missing anim states to new burr
  • Add alt_desc to Heated so that when not in a card game, its tooltip still describes how it inflicts damage.
  • fix shop prices in robot_seller.lua
  • Reworked Lumin Generator and renamed it to Lumin Bio-Accelerator
  • the War Story card now randomly picks from its effect if Sal plays it
  • Sparky's Oppressor Cell now uses the power_loss condtion for the handling of temporary power.
  • ease up on fight parties on drop_bandit_babysitter.lua
  • fixed missing combat cup
  • bugfix for Focused Assault
  • the Foreman now creates arguments more often in order to synergize better with the task cards they give

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