[Game Update] - 394495

Release Date: 02/12/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters!

... and we're back with a new experimental build. The next update will add day 3 to Rook's story. The actual plot stuff isn't ready to show off quite yet, but we do have a new experiment for testing the new bosses. We're  currently making a batch of new day 3 faction jobs, the first of which will be ready for testing sometime next week.

Looking at the data for Eonwe fights, it turns out that she's a lot harder than Threekwa for non-experiment players. I think this might have to do with her "malfunctioning charge cell" mechanic being a bit opaque, and it being a hard-counter to high-charge decks. We've made some adjustments to the fight balance, and added some new UI to clarify the mechanic. We'll see if this brings her winrates into line with her counterpart!

We're also working behind the scenes to prove out new card mechanics for the third character. That stuff isn't in the build yet, but I can't wait to show it off!

Happy grifting! 

  • New experiment: Fight Arint and Flekfis!
  • Added a bunch of new shared negotiation grafts 
  • The debuff from Hesh Boss is now timed (it doesn't always apply to you)
  • The Hesh Boss' charged attacks buff can now provide overcharge instead of being limited to max charges
  • Slightly reduced the damage per turn on the Laborers
  • Adding in special domicile locations for the bog
  • Added new rook quest: baron_hostage_situation
  • Update UI art for hesh_boss sabotaged charge condition to make the source of the damage more clear
  • Hook up special hit previews for malfunctioning charge cells
  • Re-use hit preview widgets more than we were before, to stop them from flickering when damage numbers change
  • Fixed bug where drawback would accumulate affected cards every time it was used instead of removing the old cards
  • Slightly adjusted the max_xp of each graft rarity
  • Hide Rook's pistols from being shown on the Day Over Screen
  • Fix the hover and overlap of the fightscreen unitframes (that was making it hard to click on enemies)
  • Improving the hover states on the unitframes so icons don't pop up/down
  • Splintershot now applies 2 wound but is only triggered when you spend your LAST charge
  • Stone Anchor incorrectly said Gain instead of Apply
  • Changed all instances of "removed" and "destroyed" to "dismissed" when talking about negotiation arguments
  • Twig now shows a hit reaction when triggered

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