[Game Update] - 392977

Release Date: 02/03/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

As promised last week, today was a day of bug fixing! Also, we added a new burr type and two new cards. This should be the last of the content for this week's update (minus some presentation things), so we'll be in bug-fix mode for the next couple of days.


  • Added two new parasite cards for Rook
  • Added a new grout burr type that gives you loot if you manage to kill it
  • Fix negotiation modifiers in handler_spree_prisoner_exchange, so that turning in the criminal actually changes the negotiation difficulty
  • Change the luminari's dialog in tunnel rats when you meet them after finding the way to the bandits
  • Add some post-fight dialog to recon in force
  • Fixed bug where the order of DELTA_STAT events would get reversed in PrepareAttackEvents()
  • remove the oppo limit in wounded animals
  • tune the encounter limiter a bit, to allow for more lopsided fights as the game progresses
  • Fix the alignment of the selected characters on the new-game-screen
  • Fix the arrows not working on the relationship screen
  • Fix the upcoming damage alignment in battle
  • hide non-player-party animals on screens that aren't your home base
  • Bandit Captain's attack is now marked as a debuff
  • fixed bug where Focused Assault would get stuck in it's "active" state
  • dont use dead helpers/hinders in negotiation
  • Set faction for hesh boss, clear out null voice actor
  • Fixed missing tooltip on Bough
  • Hesh Boss debuff now has damage preview
  • Hesh Boss no longer applies the debuff if you dodge the attack
  • Fixed bug where posture text wasn't calculating defend properly
  • Give day 5 completion bonus on the win screen for beating Kashio
  • Decrease the size of the prestige icons
  • Respect the locked flag when showing card details, so that you can't upgrade cards mid-fight and crash the game
  • Overhauled intent icons with animation
  • Mark caffy as indoors, so no burs can attack
  • Remove admiralty "bulwark" because it doesn't do anything
  • Don't let the taskmaster reduce panic thresh to zero.
  • The Hesh Boss no longer gives you overcharge, instead her attacks can at most bring you up to fully charged
  • Fixed a bunch of typos.

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