[Game Update] - 391870

Release Date: 01/27/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Here are some fixes for experimental. Some of these were already hotfixed into release, so this should put everyone into the same non-crashing state. New content for the next update will start coming soon (It's going to be gross!)

  • Slight buff to baseline damage and defense of Hesh Boss
  • Added prestige scaling to more of the Hesh Boss' attacks
  • Slight behaviour and damage tuning on both Assassins 
  • Added prestige scaling to the Rentorian Boss
  • Hesh Boss' first attack is now correctly marked as a debuff
  • three_fingers_plus no longer adds additional hated people
  • fix save game deletion in the game over screen
  • Never show negative stacks. What even is that?!
  • Kashio's clones now return to their position with slight delays to offset their idle anims
  • New holo fx
  • Limit the number of kashio holograms to the max team size, because having holograms in the reserve queue causes all kinds of problems
  • Fix for crash when holograms try to run away

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