[Game Update] - 390550

Release Date: 01/20/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

This is our "candidate build" for this week's update. We've fixed all of the major bugs that have cropped up in testing so far, and I think that the balance for the final fight is in a pretty good place. Expect some more minor fixes (and some fight audio stuff that's coming in hot) over the next two days, and then Sal's story will be complete!

  • Move the auction to a better place on the map
  • Fixed oolo and nadan clone fx lagging bug, added hologram spawning fx into tauntsĀ 
  • Added the Kashio boss slide animation
  • Added art for "call oolo"
  • Kashio's summoned robot will give up if she dies or surrenders
  • Kashio now plays an anim when spawning her holograms
  • add unique, alias tags to kashio to prevent multi-kashio bugs
  • Fix double kill of heckler in rise_worker_rally
  • agent:GetName() will return the shorttitle if there is no name, so that calling code can assume that name returns *something* (this is for nameless people who you end up having relationships with)
  • Fix for doubled agents in crew portrait list when loading a game
  • Fixed bug where killing a hologram (not just hitting it) caused a crash
  • Fix trip through back room resetting the auction lots (they wouldn't match, and Kashio would get a bonus pick)
  • Kashio Grenades do slightly less damage
  • Kashio's automech is now 1 combat strength weaker
  • Macro rasp incepts 2 bleed cards instead of 3

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