[Game Update] - 390283

Release Date: 01/17/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters!

This is a fun update - you can now play through the entirety of Sal's story! (I also added a way to skip ahead to the last day with a random deck in the experiments). Thanks for testing the auction over night! We've analyzed the results, and made some changes to the balance.

  • Enabled Sal day 5 - you can now complete Sal's story with your own decks
  • Added two new experiments that jump you to the start of day 5 (one for each partner faction). 
  • Added lots of new tooltips for the auction arguments
  • If Nadan/Oolo is alive and doesn't hate you in the Kashio fight, they will help out (with a special summon card)
  • The auctioneer gives you a "bid" card every turn, so that you can use your money in the auction.
  • Auction items have significantly more resolve (and are tiered based on their power level)
  • Kashio's holograms now dissipate when they take damage (not just on-hit)

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