[Game Update] - 389354

Release Date: 01/13/2020

Update Information:

Hey Grifters!

I'd like to extend a huge thanks to everyone who's been participating in the experiment! Based on your feedback, we've fixed a bunch of bugs in the fight, and added some quality of life stuff to the experiment itself. 

Let's see how you all do against Kashio now :)

  • Filtered the experiment decks to those that were made in prestige >= 2 (this should improve the quality of the testing pool)
  • Added a quick way to reroll an experiment deck
  • Show active social boons/banes in the experiment intro
  • Add graft slots as needed to show all installed grafts in experiment
  • Added a quick feedback button at the end of the experiment 
  • Enabled metrics in the experiment (oops!)
  • Removed the bleed from Kashio's Glaive attack
  • Fixed description of afterburner gloves
  • Macro Rasp and Afterburner Gloves now correctly check for defended and evaded
  • Morale on Kashio clones is now the same as Kashio's no matter what
  • Health on clones is set AFTER conditions are applied to prevent discrepancies
  • Fixed bug where Kashio didn't re-prepare her turn after applying conditions in sal_kashio_fight_test.lua
  • Fixed bug where Kashio clones would get an additional kashio_glaive condition
  • Macro Rasp and Afterburner Gloves no longer apply if the attack is defended
  • Fixed bug where Afterburner Gloves didn't trigger

Remember, the password is KRASHIO if you would like to participate.

We're going to be continuing along with fixes and balance stuff for the existing experiment, and probably adding an additional negotiation experiment later this week.


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