[Game Update] - 385455

Release Date: 12/12/2019

Update Information:

Hey Grifters!

Just to totally bury you in new stuff to try out today, here's a new experimental build! The biggest thing here is that grafts are now upgradable (and they get new art!).

  • Grafts gain XP when they get used, and upgrade!
  • Only the right speaker should speak the whispered_rumours dialog.
  • Adorable erchin supports stacking, but changed to only every 3rd turn.
  • Making the straight-up fight option against nadan's goons 'self defense'
  • Add CanOwnPet precondition to pet_return to fix being able to acquire a pet even after installing Calamity Jar
  • Fix feedback_loop, weak_point not decaying.
  • Force scorched earth to retarget for each expended card.
  • Add {EXPEND} keyword to Bleed for consistency.
  • Remove redundant definition of Sick card.  Sick now costs 1 to expend, and no longer autoplays, to differentiate it from Baffled.
  • Add Unplayable keyword to Baffled.
  • Disable Autoplay generated keyword for battle cards.
  • Fix quest result crash where admiralty_friend is killed in battle in handler_spree_neutralize_guard
  • Adding long-press and double-click functionality to the Clickable class. Making the scroll panels draggable. Making card tooltips show a massive card if on small screens. Making the new game screen handle small devices and touch input
  • Paying off the bouncer should complete the optional objective in the fsshcakes quest
  • Dev stuff:
    •    Added support for a Lua debugger
    •    Added automatic testing routines to find bugs
    •    Hooked up coverage testing mechanism for individual quests
    •    (this stuff isn't too interesting for you, but should theoretically lead to fewer bugs!)

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