[Game Update] - 384736

Release Date: 12/09/2019

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Apologies for the radio silence this past week - the second character is coming out on Thursday, and we've been battening down the hatches and doing all of our pre-flight cross checks in preparation for the launch. Before that, though, we have a couple of general fixes:

  • Added preliminary support for UI scaling - only a handful of screens are supported so far, but they eventaully all will be.
  • Crash fix: Add nil check on test for arterial scanner.
  • Fix crash in accelerator boon graft.
  • Fix for issue when percent_completion doesn't return a proper value.
  • Parse _upgraded cards (eg. all the improvise cards) as actual upgrades so that they show up as related to the original card in the compendium.  They have max_xp = 0 so that they do not gain or show xp.
  • Remove the Autoplay keyword.  Rephrase cards that relied on that keyword to, "At the end of your turn, ..." which is more verbose but clearer.
  • Remove the token 2 damage on Volatile Spark.
  • Fix BATTLE_EVENT.CALC_COMBO_LOSS instances that were not checking to see if the target of the attack was the graft owner. This would cause crashes if there were two combo users in a fight, and one had the graft.
  • Nailed glove baseline was using the wrong value for combo loss mitigation.
  • Fixed bug caused by Frontal Goad using self.graft before it had been assigned.
  • [behind the scenes]: added automated testing to the game, so that we can more easily find bugs in new content.

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