[Game Update] - 382547

Release Date: 11/26/2019

Update Information:

Hey Grifters!

Here are the day's fixes, hot off the keyboard. As always, your bug reports are appreciated. You may even recognize your bugs in the list! :)  

  • Update location screen day phase when we switch locations.
  • Fix feud citizenry faction name so that it makes sense
  • Fix check on bad_credit, so that it applies to all shops, not just card shops
  • Move the negotiation panel down a bit, and don't rely on its changing BB for bounds.
  • Fixed the sort by faction on the agents listing in the Compendium.
  • Make the handler boss fights self-defense, so you don't get aggressive.
  • Fix some confusing dialog when dealing with the healing spring
  • Rise n Shine: Add buyers as negotiation targets, so that you can enlist aid from others (including Authorization)
  • Private Security: Add guard and shopkeep as negotiation targets for the optional objectives, so that you can enlist aid from others (including Authorization)
  • Debt Collection: Add quest giver as a negotiation target, so that you can enlist aid from others (including Authorization)
  • Expire Evil Eye at the end of turn.
  • Buster now only triggers for attack cards.
  • Clear BATTLE overlay mode override before issuing the result handler, so that in the loot screen, navigating to your decks permits upgrades to take place.
  • TooltipFighter now takes a Widget.UnitFrame as the tooltip instead of a Fighter, so that it can replicate the order of conditions displayed.


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