[Game Update] - 381957

Release Date: 11/22/2019

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Here are today's fixes / changes:

  • Add "aggressive" negotiation status card if you attack someone (fight in non-self defense).
  • Hide selection_cursor on deck screen init in case there are no cards to show.
  • Lowered price of Jeol's prototype drone(death loot) from 2 to 1.
  • Company Band now correctly works on autodogs.
  • Drone Mastery now applies to mechs instead of just drones.
  • Fixed bug where preparing the Killer card would grant an additional dominance.
  • Swift Rebuttal no longer improvises unplayable cards.
  • Slight buff to Boosted Rebuttal and Boosted Low Blow (to even up the upgrade options).
  • Add Existential Crisis keyword to the Assassin negotiation. 
  • Put important people into position when evaluating positions even if they are already in the world.
  • Clairfy Oppress description (it applies to bounties as well).
  • Started work on Sal-the-npc for reasons.
  • Fixed the alignment on the Replace grafts screen.
  • Duplicity/Amnesiator trigger on POST_RESOLVE so that the resolving card's target can be re-used (by END_RESOLVE, the card's target is cleared).  Fixes eg. playing Duplicity followed by Focussed Elucidate targetting a random argument for the second play.
  • Fixed bug where counter would sometimes cause the counter target to wait for a full cycle of their idle before returning home
  • Change target practice description to use numerals for consistency.
  • Remove sparky's old custom negotiation so that he will receive the spark baron core argument.
  • Fixed browbeat Desc.
  • Added upgrade names for Deceive.
  • Fixed random targeting on flatter.
  • Made the plax the outline size inversely-proportional to the scale of the animated characters.
  • Aligned the upgrade-available indicators on the top bar.

Happy weekending to all!

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