[Game Update] - 381223

Release Date: 11/20/2019

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

We're doing a QA and polish pass as we get the new character ready for launch next month. Sal's story and cards are getting some fixes by osmosis, so I'll keep pushing experimental to keep you in the loop!

ALSO, only in experimental (for now): we have been working on our gamepad support for a while now, and we finally think it's ready for real user testing. Try plugging in a USB controller and tell us what you think! You can switch seamlessly between control modes by pressing buttons or moving your mouse.

  • Gamepad control pass ready for testing. 
  • Fix talking pets in negotiation (again).
  • Reduce sal's starting max resolve to 30.
  • Sal's core argument gives her 1 free composure on her core resolve per turn.
  • Replace references to 'breaking point' with 'surrender threshold'.
  • More re-stringing for consistency describing Panic.
  • Remove DEMORALIZING and REPEAT keywords.
  • Don't show surrender tooltip if the surrender threshold is at 0 health.
  • Make it impossible for someone to both help and hinder you at the same time in a negotiation
  • Hook up quips for improve_relationship_chat.lua.
  • Encounter:ShowRelationshipChanges should WaitOnLine so that the presentation occurs only after any pending dialog completes.
  • Fix animations when playing a new attack while still playing the previous Post.  If the post has weapon swaps, we allow it to finish (otherwise things look weird), otherwise we can abort it entirely and go right into the new attack, skipping the pre if there is one.  This lets things feel pretty snappy.
  • Fixed inconsistent wording with regards to enemy arguments vs enemy targets.
  • Fix situations where Frontal Goad would not give resolve bonuses to starting modifiers.
  • Target weighting constraints should only apply to attack cards.  Fixes a bug where a buff is applied to a target who is being targetted by at least 2 attackers: when that buff is played (Eg. jakes triage) it will fail to re-assign the primary target.
  • Added missing {EXPEND} keyword to bloodbath_plus2.
  • Fixed Hard Facts desc to reflect that it is random.
  • Added missing death loot for the Shroog.
  • All finishers now consume their combo in preresolve so that they still trigger flourish even with inside fighting.
  • Cap max card cost imposed by Eccentricity to 3, even at max difficulty.
  • Fix Assault re-targetting the second attack.  Rewrite the desc so it is consistent with how Duplicity is described.
  • Fixed bug where bleed still decayed by 1 with cleaved applied
  • Ocular Surrogate now triggers AFTER cludger

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