[Game Update] - 380646

Release Date: 11/18/2019

Update Information:

Hey Grifters!

Thanks to the feedback we got over the weekend, we have a raft of new fixes for the experimental build! We're also moving the save file directory to the proper location (as per Microsoft best practices). The upgrade process should be seamless, but if you are a dirty save scummer you'll have to look in a new place :)

  • Moving save data to new location: Users/<yourname>/AppData/Roaming/Klei/Griftlands
  • Tune damage on Wanted! so it's less variable. Reduce its resolve by 1.
  • Hooked up scroll panel to prestige selector, so you can get to higher prestiges.
  • Hide the quests in the map screen when hovering near them, so that map locations are selectable.
  • Fixed the toggling of unlocks in the new game screen.
  • Added an additional upgrade to Churn.
  • Give a long missing 2nd upgrade to Keep Cool.
  • Vital Strikes now triggers per attack, not per attack card.
  • Pets now use ARMOURED instead of ARMORED_PET (there was no difference in the two conditions).
  • Added base damage to Stun Gun.
  • Follow Through boosted upgrade replaced with a pale upgrade instead.
  • Increased base damage of Haymaker.
  • Fix Shrooglets losing POWER when 'hit' with a defensive ability.
  • Remove murder consequences that are effected by manual calls to CommitMurder (eg. quests) when Barbarous is active.
  • Supress card expend animations from draw/discard decks when battle is complete.
  • Team:GetTeamStatus() should return ACTIVE if there are fighters in the reserve.
  • Multiplicative price modifiers are additive now, so that they can cancel out.
  • Skeletal Suspension now triggers before Dangerous Bulb.
  • Moved the effects of Skeletal suspension from the combo condition to the skeletal suspension condition.
  • Fixed bug where Freighter wouldn't count its own cost for bonus damage when played. (it would count in the damage preview)
  • Fixed bug where Breather was unplayable with 3 combo.

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