[Game Update] - 379394

Release Date: 11/14/2019

Update Information:

Hey Grifters!

Here's a quick little experimental update that adds some more prestige levels, and fixes some bugs! 


  • Added 4 new prestige levels
  • Showing the last selected outfit for each character
  • fixed bug where newgamescreen.lua would crash if you clicked a character after changing their outfit
  • ShaderConstants that get reused now get the NameHash recalculated when they are recycled. This fixed a problem where sometimes images in text would show up while the text itself was alpha-faded out.
  • Bandits should always have Short Fuse, as it is their core argument.
  • Ceiled the progress on the MOTD progress bar so that it never goes to 0 pips while there's still time left
  • Adding a mutators listing screen, showing the active mutators on the current run, and removing the current list from the top left
  • Fixing the alignment of the grafts list on opening the compendium
  • Fix for some icons disappearing (destroytexture was called too often, resulting in the icon being unloaded)
  • Fixed bug where upgraded Erchin didn't have negotiation behaviours
  • Fix max_health gains not being reflected in the DayOverScreen.

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