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[Game Update] - 379291

Release Date: 11/12/19

Update Information:

Hey Grifters

   It's update week! This is the release candidate for Thursday's main build update. It's mostly fixes and tweaks, and a reorganization of the core arguments when negotiating that should make more complicated encounters more readable.

Our December update will the first couple of days of the new character. We've been working on his card and mechanics and story for a couple of months in secret. He has all new cards for both types of encounter, a new map, new locations, quests, events, and npcs. I can't wait to share it!

  • Fix Hints text referring to banes as curses.
  • Only show 'will surrender' tooltip if the surrender health is less than the actual health.  Also, localize that text.
  • Decapitalize all usages of Oshnu.
  • Muscle Memory should copy userdata, and just clear xp, so that charges are preserved (otherwise duplicating items is pretty broken due to non-expend).
  • Fix inconsistent descriptions for Ravenous.  Include Heal keyword.
  • Fix Enhanced Overbear not drawing cards.
  • Don't show upgrades on the End of Day screen.
  • Change scaling on Heavy Laborer's turn 3 composure so it's lower for small difficulties, higher after.
  • Dirty argument tooltip so that if (eg. resolve) changes while the tooltip is shown, it correctly refreshes.
  • Give Sal a basic Core Argument so that the default one doesnt need sal's face on it.
  • added a moment of weakness argument icon.
  • Worn Out caps at 5 stacks, so it's always relevant.
  • Fix Pure Style modifying original card's userdata, again.  *mutter*.
  • Don't insert Winded cards if Gut Smash is evaded.
  • Buff Rooted Steel from 7->8.
  • Generate random pet names if they join a party whose leader is sentient.
  • Vrocs are no longer ADMIRALTY faction (makes their title long-iwinded and often incorrect, eg. wild vrocs).
  • Don't hide stacks for short_fuse, cause it uses them.
  • Fix Overbear hitting one extra time.
  • Adding buttons to enable/disable all the unlocks.
  • Adding a delete button to the save slots. Better info label for prestige. Hiding back button when not at the sidebar top level.
  • Change some MODIFIER_TYPE.PERMANENT to MODIFIER_TYPE.CORE.  Only add a default CORE argument if none already exists after initializing negotiation behaviour.
  • Tune down damage scaling for difficulty 1 & 2 jakes, it was large.
  • Add Zeal as core argument for cult of hesh.  Tweak their negotiation behaviour.
  • New Tithe implementation.
  • Reduced the damage_mult on both of the Wealthy Merchant's spark cannister attacks and added in a defend turn in both states.

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