[Game Update] - 376677

Release Date: 10/30/2019

Update Information:

Hey Grifters! 

In this build: More fixes, a new mutator, and you can now be a pet-hoarder. I'm sure that there won't be any weird edge cases arising from that :)

  • New mutator: Toolbox.
  • You can leave pets in your room and come get them later.
  • Heckler is now an argument instead of straight-up damage.
  • Clarify Vendetta out-of-combat description.
  • Vendetta should be max_stacks = 1.
  • nil-check Morale when applying Marked bane, may have been removed by some other rule.
  • First Impressions no longer applies to characters with plot armor.
  • Show neutral relationship icon on the PlaxNameplate if there are any opinion events.  This is important to demonstrate whether someone has 'met' you before (particularly for the first_impressions mutator)
  • Card:UpgradeCard permits the newly upgraded card to have its own upgrades, if defined.
  • The Mutator mutator sometimes transforms into upgraded cards.
  • Ensure the mutator mutator doesn't pick the same card for its upgrade transformation.
  • Fix carapace not stacking with sparring.
  • Fix upgraded pet nameids not being copied.  Instead, replace the underlying CharacterDef to preserve all dynamic pet data.
  • Fix off-by-one error displaying the surrender preview icon.
  • Juggernaut power gain occurs at end of turn, so that enemy intents aren't modified from the preview.
  • Fixed bug where NO_SURRENDER would overwrite booster clamp.
  • Renamed attacks of upgraded vrocs and crayotes.
  • Renamed attacks of upgraded erchins.
  • Allow joystick input when not focused.
  • Hide mouse cursor if in controller mode.
  • Clear hover widget if leaving mkb mode.

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