[Game Update] - 376437

Release Date: 10/28/2019

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Thanks for all of your reports over the weekend. Here are some fixes that address the stuff that cropped up:

  • Don't give a first impression to nonsentients.
  • fix odd objective handling in side_debt_collection.
  • Tuned down the base damage on HEAVY_LABORER and LABORER defs.
  • Adjust convo priorities to make oppo not get stomped by non-important flavour text.
  • Fixed bug where Quick Charger could only affect one card at any time.
  • Move Prepare functions & propaganda card into data, as it is possible to negotiate with Rise in Sal's story.
  • Don't show "high threat" boss difficulty UI in the team preview portrait, if the agent is on the player team.
  • Fixed bug where Aplomb couldn't be targeted.
  • Fix Fearless duplicating when it shouldn't.
  • Fix support_negotiation upgrade when training pets; should rely on previous support_negotiation value instead of the ContentID (doesn't take into account eg. VROC_UPGRADED).
  • Fix stacked setup removing incorrect amount of influence.
  • Fix CardHolder:UpgradeCard card lookup.
  • Fix receiving a legacy option if you abandon your game.
  • Fix potential infinite loop with DOUBLE_EDGE if there are no more modifiers left (Presumably core argument has been destroyed, and something triggered after the fact).

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