[Game Update] - 376216

Release Date: 10/25/2019

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Thank you for trying out the new mutator system! This update adds a couple of new mutators, and a way to pick them randomly. Also, Phroluk has some more exotic pets for you to buy/upgrade.

  • New mutators: loyalty, giant_mech, barbarous, why_me, mutator, relatable
  • Added an option to pick 3 random mutators (for those who want a challenge!)
  • You can buy "Erchins" (an animal from Grout Bog) form Phroluk
  • Added the upgraded flead
  • Adjusted health and damage of upgraded pets to be roughly even
  • Nerf Shel's morale.  She's downtrodden, is she not?
  • Aplomb is now targetable instead of always applying to the core resolve
  • Mark up rise manifesto as a bog item so that it doesn't show up in grout bog normally
  • Unique items have reasonable prices in shops
  • Fix Elitist persisting even when the bane is removed.  It now functions more like the mutators first_impressions & relatable: it triggers WHEN you meet someone.
  • Enemy Fighters no longer have any morale if the battle is flagged as NO_SURRENDER
  • Add plot_armor to BEASTMASTER
  • Run OnNewGame handling within a coroutine so that UI such as the slide show, mutator popups, legacy popups, etc. can be handled serially without callback hell.  Only auto save at the very end, so that if you quit midway, your new game isn't saved.
  • PauseMenu shouldn't show the Abandon option until the save game has a save_file_name assigned (ie. a fully formed save game)
  • Fix headless bandit

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