[Game Update] - 364732

Release Date: 08/30/19

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Here are today's fixes / changes. Some more death loot, more precise murder tracking, and moving some advanced actions to be unlocked by boons. Happy grifting this weekend!

  • haggle_badge now allows you to negotiate for greater quest rewards (you can't do it by default).
  • Only a blessing or sparring is available each day at the hesh outpost, rather than both, so you don't just auto-visit.
  • New voices for chemist and mysterious stranger.
  • Track last attacker, and CombatCondition applicants to assign a killer when Fighters die. ¬†Only charge the player with murder if the player agent issued the killing blow.
  • Added previously missing death loot for Sparky.
  • Add death loot to FOREMAN.
  • Improved the travel screen icons and their hover interaction.
  • Show the graft unlocks with separate progress bars for Seen and Installed. Added rarity icons to the grafts in the listing. Added more sorting options.
  • Add missing negotiation_target for side_thief_bounty.
  • Only assign a negotiation_target in side_Debt_collection in the non has_money branch.
  • Replace the doubling on Impending Doom with a linear increase.
  • Clear location actions when starting a conversation to prevent double mouseover sound when ending the conversation.
  • Show a graft's rarity on its tooltip.
  • Buff doze_bug slightly.
  • Cleaved should be flagged as a DEBUFF.
  • Faster wild card upgrade animation.

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