[Game Update] - 362877

Release Date: 08/26/19

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

We're busy working on the new character, but we're still fixing and tuning things in Experimental. Here's the latest:

Drusks should be a bit easier now:

  • Drusk toxic fumes card replenishes, and does less damage.
  • Reduce the max number of cards the drusks will insert into your deck.
  • Improvements to the Compendium:

Fixed the sorting by agent title on the compendium.

  • Show Death Loot in the compendium for agents who have it
  • Added an option to hear an agent's voice in the compendium


  • Toggled off unlock packs will stay toggled off when you restart a game with a legacy.
  • Fix active_defense & psionic_feedback not applying their bonuses if they were added after the discards took place.
  • Add missing feature desc to Exposed.
  • Remove Replenish from grenades, and increase their efficacy slightly.
  • Fix concentrate applying 0 cost to ALL cards drawn, not just the first or first two.
  • Sparring/Bully only apply to battle cards, not conditions.
  • brain_spur should choose a new random target.  Execute on POST_RESOLVE so that its presentation doesn't overlap the played card.
  • Wait on any modifier presentation before showing delta composure. (Fix build rapport not showing any composure when creating influence)
  • Don't show condition floaters for hidden conditions.  (eg. terrorize)
  • Fix broken healing when applied to an ally whose health cap was raised via company_band.
  • Add Expend to status_pinned card desc.
  • Show (some) opinion changes in dialog option tooltips.
  • Do not round prices to multiples of 5 in CardShop:CalculatePrice, otherwise the difference shows up as a bizarre discount/penalty.  Round to 5 when restocking.
  • bone_tired should cause resolve loss, not inflict damage, as per the description.
  • Fix All Business applying to inserted cards.  Should apply to drawn cards only.
  • Fix Greedy description; the player loses the money, not "the opponent".
  • Fix sparring/bully applying to grafts (the description states cards explicitly)
  • Update hesh_outpost objective description to clarify that you don't just get one blessing, but a blessing and sparring as separate boons.
  • Spined Feint now targets self only.
  • Change the debt payment on side_repo_person to not scale on relationship.  Fixes incorrect amount indicated on option, and fictionally it's not your debt so there's no reason to charge extra.
  • Assign default card xp relative to card cost to fix a number of card xp values that were rather misaligned.
  • Reverse order that shrieker and cludger are applied.
  • Use actual max_resolve when entering a negotiation . This means you can restore past your current resolve within the negotiation (up to your natural max)
  • Fix text on NEGOTATION_GRAFT_SLOT_DETAILS referring to combat.

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