[Game Update] - 361931

Release Date: 08/22/19

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

This update adds a person codex, which tracks all of the people that you've met across your runs. It's a good place to keep track of everyone's boons and banes right now, and we'll bet fleshing out its features as time goes on.

We've also reduced the difficuly of the Krill a bit, and toned down some of the bulkier NPC's health values. Balance in the higher prestige levels is under-tested, so we have been reviewing reports of spikes as they come in.

Oh, and speaking of prestige, you will now gain more unlock XP if you play at higher levels.

  • Added a people tab to the codex screen - it doesn't do much yet, but there will be stuff to unlock eventually!
  • Updated krill behaviour and combat rating to make them a bit easier.
  • Tune down some high NPC health values.
  • Addied bonus EXP based on your prestige level (+5% per level)
  • Show the prestige level on the game over screen. 
  • Hooked up new effects for Road shrine and meditation spot.
  • Fix card desc for summons.
  • Added sound for when cards are destroyed
  • Fix Doubt not applying damage if the previous target was destroyed during the turn. 

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