[Game Update] - 361604

Release Date: 08/22/19

Update Information:



Hey Grifters,

The Death Trophies update is live! With this update, we are aiming to make individual relationships matter more. The boons and banes that you get when you gain a new friend or enemy are more specific and impactful, and you get some truly powerful combat loot if you decide to kill someone in battle. We've also added a compendium to help you learn more about Sal's cards, a new unlockable outfit, and some new quest content to uncover.

What's next:

We're currently hard at work on the second character's story, so our regular updates will have to come out a bit slower as we get that done. The next one is scheduled for Oct 3rd, and it will focus upon UI improvements, bug fixes, and filling out even more boons/banes/trophies. We're hoping to launch the next character shortly after that, sometime in November.

During this time, we will still be updating the experimental build (with the new character stuff removed, to avoid spoilers), and we will be hotfixing bugs in release as they're found. Please keep submitting your in-game feedback about bugs and balance - we read every one, and they are extremely helpful!

Happy Grifting!




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