[Game Update] - 359912

Release Date: 08/14/19

Update Information:

Hey Grifters!

This update adds a card compendium, and starts to fill out unique death loot cards and social effects for more characters. Oh, and Sal gets a new unlockable outfit, because if you're going to be stuck doing everyone's dirtywork in Murder Bay, you may as well be fashionable about it.

We'll be adding more social effects and death cards over time, so stay tuned!


  • Added a card conpendium screen (accessible form the main menu and the pause menu)
  • Added death loot cards for some characters (more coming soon!)
  • Added new, more powerful and unqiue friend/enemy effects to some characters (more coming soon!)
  • Sal has a new "infiltrator" outfit unlocked at stage 4
  • Upated the murder bay map art.
  • Fixed some combat delays.
  • Dauntless should not enable morale if the fighter originally had no morale (eg. in conjunction with booster_clamp)
  • Fix duplicate 'intimidated' negotiation modifier id, from the social graft.
  • If graft negotiation_modifier or conditions override the id, use it appropriately.
  • Fix Dauntless not being applied/unapplied correctly
  • Fix crash if killing a character with Dauntless due to triggering a surrender after already being killed.
  • Don't trigger mind_spool damage if negotiation is over
  • Vulnerability applies to argument damage as well.
  • Update Hard Facts to be based on cards played so far, so that the modifier isn't required.
  • Admiralty Patrol Leader boon/bane is now 5 health instead of 10.
  • Bandit Raider boon is now 10 instead of 5.infiltrator.jpg

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