[Game Update] - 357798

Release Date: 08/02/2019

Update Information:

Hey Grifters, 

Here's the last experimental update of this sequence. You can now do something about those so-and-so's who give you hated banes if you happen to bump into them on your journeys. We also turned down the difficulty of yote herds, because they were unintentionally strong on later days (like, stronger than a Shroog hard).

The plan is to do hotfixes on this build up until the 8th, and then push it to release. The next experimental build will most likely go live a couple of days later on the 12th.

  • Added hated provocation conversation - You can provoke (non-quest-involved) people to attack you by insulting them a lot, and then you can murder them without anyone caring.
  • You lose all of your pets and mercs if you run away from a fight.
  • Ease up on intimidate : it gives 3 stacks, and is REPLENISH.
  • Nerf yote spitter health slightly.
  • Yotes continue to bristle, but after the first one they only get a small amoutn of defend instead of Power.
  • Spitters rotate between slaver, spit, and acid so they don't just constantly pump damage.
  • Nerf acid spit damage slightly.
  • wretched_strike is better implemented via EVENT.DRAW_CARD so it doesn't proc on Improvise, echo_strike, etc.
  • Refresh deck_stats after upgrading, since the number of upgrades changes.
  • Fix for double day 3 job bug: cancel the handler job that you don't pick.
  • Fixed bug where freighter_plus overwrote the MELEE card flag from the base card.
  • Fixed bug where you would have to fight the assassin twice if you picked Three Fingers as your graft reward under certain circumstances.

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