[Game Update] - 357371

Release Date: 08/08/2019

Update Information:

Hey Grifters!

This update is mostly fixes and balance changes, but there are some new UI features and a new event to find. Tomorrow's experimental update will be the last of this cycle, as we shift into stabilization mode for the wider release on the 8th.

  • Added new fullscreen presentation for relationship boons/banes.
  • Added an option to buy noodle cards at the noodle shop. Purchasable once a day.
  • Adjusted card art for improved readability.
  • Added a new random event foraging_chemist and the warp_vial item card associated with the encounter.
  • Adjusted the card insert limits and damage values in the drusk fight - it's easier on prestige 0 now, and harder in higher prestige.
  • Added custom max_xp to specialty, size_up and reversal.
  • Add code to keep negotiation wheels on-screen horizontally, even when the characters do wacky animations.
  • Adjusted the damage on the CHASER argument that the bartenders have so it scales less aggressively with difficulty.
  • Added a "back off" option to side_bounty_hunt.
  • Changed OPINION_EVENT.ATTACKED to use OPINION_DOWN instead of BAD (which bottoms out at disliked). 
  • Fixed focused cynotrainer sometimes not upgrading a card.
  • Fixed bug where you would meet the vendor again in handler_spree_shake_down even if you didn't buy their fake.
  • Changed spines to use its stacks to indicate how much Counter will be gained.
  • Run the erosion delay in a coroutine so it doesn't block if multiple cards are animated at once (eg. when adding execute cards).
  • Added a prestige indicator to the fight/negotiation screens.

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