[Game Update] - 357085

Release Date: 07/31/2019

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Lots of tweaks today, and a couple of new grafts to play with. Has anyone faced the Drusk yet?

  • Added three new common battle grafts.
  • Added flavour text to sal's starting cards.
  • Foreman support gives you an opening action instead of plain damage.
  • Added lens flares to the Prestige screen.
  • Adding custom icons/colours to each fight preview.
  • Updated the card widget art to make the text more readable.
  • Added erosion anim for expended cards.
  • Negotiation tweaks to Airtight, Appeal to Reason, Build Rapport and Calling in All Favors
  • Elucidate is "Duplicate argument at random", Focused Elucidate is a targetted argument.  
  • White lie is: Add a copy of this card to your discards. When drawn, incept Doubt 1.
  • Doubt is straight-up X damage instead of 1-X, cause it was quite feeble.
  • Fix for Discord displaying the wrong name (Loading... instead of Griftlands).
  • Fixed this complaint: "PLEASE make this an option! Anyone with two monitors will greatly appreciate being able to click on other applications without the game minimising!"
  • Fixed pale bounty hunter cost.
  • Trying out some tweaks to intimidate:
    •     It's non-expend, so that the mechanic is repeatable and doesn't just devolve into a normal negotiation after a few turns.
    •     It's autoplay, so that you can't ignore it and play normally.
    •     Intimidated stacks instead of being created anew, so that they don't fill up the argument circle.
    •     The bonus to hostility scales with stacks, so that you feel threatening, and because otherwise you are overwhelmed by the 10 resolve penalty.
    •     Intimidated is an Inception instead of an argument, for consistency and simplicity
    •     Intimidated ticks down whenever you play a non-Hostile card. This replaces the damage penalty to Diplomacy cards.

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